People sled on a slope off Interstate 90 Jan. 30, 2021, accessed from the road by the Gold Creek Sno-Park, where sledding is dangerous and prohibited. Public snow access areas at Snoqualmie Pass are full and overflowing on weekends, creating headaches and hazards alike. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated overwhelming demand for few public access spots, as people flock to outdoor recreation to get out of the house amid COVID-19. (Bettina Hansen / The Seattle Times) 15 about “safety hazards” due to intense weekend visitation. “It’s always been crowded, but this year took it to a whole new level,” said Karen Behm, coordinator for the Central Cascades Winter Recreation Council. In early February, she found herself rescheduling a skijoring clinic (a sport that involves a person on skis being pulled by a dog) from a Saturday to a Tuesday since it was impossible to guarantee access to Crystal Springs Sno-Park on a weekend. The reasons for this winter’s squeeze are a perfect storm: With most indoor activities outright closed or otherwise considered risky, people of all ages, especially families, are looking for outdoor activities during the coronavirus pandemic. Ski resorts reduced their capacity and are requiring reservations to comply with state public health mandates. Fewer people are carpooling. Shared transportation options like shuttle buses are on hiatus. While the pandemic-induced influx may be temporary, the record sales of winter sports equipment over the last year and our region’s continued population growth, with many people moving here for our outdoor amenities, mean that overcrowded access points are a long-term challenge. “We are essentially getting a preview of the use we anticipated seeing five or more years from now as the area population continues to increase,” said Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest spokesperson Victoria Wilkins. The issue is compounded by the peculiarities of our maritime climate. Although the Cascades are home to some of the snowiest places on Earth, the vast majority of Western Washington must travel to the snow. Rare lowland flakes notwithstanding, anyone craving a reliable snowpack to ski, snowshoe, sled or even throw a snowball must find their way to just seven reliable access points where road crews plow paved roads through mountain passes (Stevens, Snoqualmie, White) or at high-elevation destinations at the end of the road (Hurricane Ridge, Mount Baker, Crystal, Paradise). Even though Washington added 1 million people in the last decade, and King County added 500,000 in the last 20 years, these same access points have barely changed. Indeed, there may be even fewer places to go. Seasoned winter visitors to Snoqualmie Pass recall reliable plowing of the Kendall Katwalk Pacific Crest Trailhead earlier this century, but the prime location along Commonwealth Creek has sat under a blanket of white for most of the last several winters. Washington State Department of Transportation angered snowmobilers in 2018 when it announced a new closure point along North Cascades Highway. More recently, the state agency gave up on plowing the highway to the new Silver Star Sno-Park outside Mazama because the agency burns through a limited snow-removal budget by midwinter and must prioritize through routes, according to WSDOT spokesperson Lauren Loebsack. “There is just not enough snow to go around,” said Jon Snyder, Gov. Jay Inslee’s senior policy adviser for outdoor recreation and economic development. Martin Volken, an internationally certified mountain guide based in North Bend, disagrees.


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